LED Brake Light FAQ

What color should I use for brake lights?

The color for brake lights should be RED LEDs, white is acceptable if you don’t mind the pinkish hue to the lens and the lens is red lens. If it is white lens, only red is acceptable.

Do I need resistors for brake lights?
This will depend on the vehicle, if it throws a code on your dash or flickers then you would definitely need resistors to fix those issues

.Can I change the LEDs in my brake lights if they are already LED?

No, LED brake lights from factory will not be changeable like regular bulbs, however there are companies out there who do custom tail light work to make brake lights brighter or other custom jobs.

I changed my brake light bulbs to LED and they are not brighter?
This happens on different vehicles, when this happens, please contact us by clicking here, we will recommend the brighter bulbs for your own safety.

My Brake light fuse keeps popping?
Probably the socket type doesn’t match. There are 2 types of the socket, CK type and standard type. Please click here to check the difference. The standard type bulbs will pop out the fuse if plug into the CK type socket, it requires to purchase CK compatible led bulbs.