How to solve Turn Signal Light Hyper-Flash

Did you just purchase LED bulbs for your turn signals, installed them and now is wondering why it is flashing really fast?

Well the reason is LED lights draw about 5W of power, which is much less than that of a halogen bulb(27W~30W).  An error code or hyper-flashing is a malfunction that will come up to notify the driver when vehicle detects a change in the power draw.  The vehicle is recognizing the upgraded LED bulb as a faulty (burned) halogen bulb due to the low power consumption

Below are the solutions we recommend that will fix any error code, hyper flashing, flickering issues that you may run into.

SOLUTION ONE: Plug n Play Resistors

3157-5 installation


We have made plug n play resistors for different socket types, ex. 7440 7443 3157 3156 etc. These plug n play resistors are very convenient due to the fact that there is not splicing or tapping of any of your OEM wiring. This will be the simplest solution to solve your hyper flashing issue.

PLEASE NOTE: Resistors will get hot, when installing resistors please keep them away from any plastic or wires.

The power of load resistors is 24W@12V  24W+5W=29W, nearly the same power as a halogen bulb




This LED flasher relay will replace your original flasher relay. Here at JDM ASTAR we have made this product for customer who do not want any resistors near any wiring or plastic, so this would be the best alternative for those customers. With this relay it is a direct replacement for certain vehicle makes such as Honda, Volkswagen, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, AUDI, etc.

The LED flasher relay is very similar to the resistor, it regulates the power and tricks the vehicles system to prevent the hyper flashing with the LED bulbs.



SOLUTION THREE: Universal Load Resistors

50W 6ohm load resistor

These Universal 50w 6ohm resistors will work for any vehicle to fix error codes and hyper flashing. With the universal resistors tapping or splicing is required. To install these resistors you would need wire taps. Most people will tap the rear turn signal wires instead of the front due to weather conditions or road conditions that may affect the resistors.

The universal resistors will help prevent any flickering issues, hyper flashing, or error codes by regulating the power draw to the circuit. These will work with any vehicle that may need it, installing these may be a tad bit difficult on some vehicles depending on how much space they may have.

To install these resistors you would need to tap the ground wire and the turn signal wire, for some vehicle this would be really simple to find since the rear turn signal has 2 wires. For the vehicles that have more than 2 wires in the rear turn signal you would need to use a test light and test which wire is the turn signal wire. After finding the wires and tapping them, you would need to mount these resistors away from any plastic or wires due to the resistors getting extremely hot and may cause damage to the vehicle.


To purchase any of these resistors please visit our website

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