LED bulbs not lighting up?

We have all been there, we purchase bulbs from online sellers, and once we get them in we are full of joy and excitement and ready to install. Some of us have installed some bulbs and find out that they don’t turn on, so we start assuming that they are defective and start having a huge disappointment. Now before you go and complain to the seller or give negative feedbacks, here are a couple of ways to troubleshoot your “defective” bulb.


STEP ONE: Rotate the bulb 180 degrees.

This step is the simplest way to figure out if your bulb is defective or not. You simply just rotate the bulb 180 degrees to see if the bulb will light up.

Now you may ask why it is necessary to do this, well most LED bulbs are polarity sensitive, which means they will only work when the positive pin matches up with the positive side of the socket/plug you are putting the bulb into.



STEP TWO: Bending the pins

This step is also an easy way to figure out if your bulb is defective. Bending or moving the pins more outward will help ensure proper connection with the socket. Sometime the bulbs base will be too narrow to the point where it will not make any contact at all, with a little modification with the pins on the bulb, you will have a nice snug fit and good contact to ensure that the bulb works perfectly fine.

T10 5050 wire adjustment

STEP THREE: Put back your original bulbs

If both steps did not work out for you, then you will move on to this step. It is another simple solution, put back your original bulb in the socket to see if it lights up. If the original bulbs light up then you can come to the conclusion that you have received a defective bulb, if the original bulbs do not light up then you would need to check your fuses or check the wires to see if there is any power going through the wire. Checking your fuses will be explained in the next step.

STEP FOUR: Checking Fuses

Checking fuses is always a solution to a lot of wiring or power issues that you may have. When the first three steps are not helping, this option would be sure to help you figure out why your bulb is not lighting up.

There are multiple fuses for almost everything in your vehicle, if your bulb is not lighting up this may be the reason why, you may have a blown fuse. To check which fuse you would need to pull or check, you would need to go to your owner’s manual and find the fuse box locations. Once you have found the location of the fuse box, this is where you can see which fuse controls what. Then once you have found the fuse that you are looking for, pull it and then you will be able to see if it is blown or not. If it is blown, replace it with the same amp fuse(NEVER use a high amp fuse) and test the bulb again.

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