How can I find the correct bulb size for my vehicles?

Have you have had a moment where you are driving down a roadway, and drivers keep flashing there lights, or honking there horn to alert you?  Your lights are on, but there is no “lamp out” indicator so you assume everything is okay, but then you pull off to the side of the road, and you realize one of your bulbs is out.  Now you have to contact your local dealer, or auto parts store, and speak to somebody, get placed on hold and listen to the, “oh so lovely”, music that you hear in an elevator.  What ever the case is, you just do not have time to go through steps to get the information you need to replace your lamp.

Our JDMASTAR.COM website features a user friendly guide(pls check the below button) which allows you to identify what part your vehicle requires for the main lighting applications.  You do not have to pick up a phone, or listen to any lovely elevator music.  Simply input your vehicle information like the year, the maker of your vehicle, model, and type or trim.  Upon doing so, our tool will generate the information you are looking for so that you know what size to buy.  The tool will list the bulb sizes for almost all lighting applications in your vehicle.  The tool will guide you to make sure you are buying the correct bulb size for your vehicles application.  After retrieving the information, pop out the traditional owners manual and confirm it.  Then click on the suggested listing, that is designed for the application you are using, and “voila!” You are now just one step away from making your driving experience even safer!

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