8th Gen LED headlights. . . the next big thing!

LED technology has a come a long way from when it was first introduced into the automotive industry.  There were quite a few known issues when upgrading a headlamp, or even a turn signal.  One of the most dreadful issues were the light patterns on your headlamps.  You go out of your way, and spend “an arm and a leg” on a set of aftermarket LED headlights only to realize that your 55W halogen bulb seemed to give you much better results in terms of lighting and pattern.  Whether you are blind other drivers, or if you have dark spots with your headlights, it is just not safe to use while operating your vehicle.  Well, look no further because the next big thing has just made its way into the automotive industry.


Our 8th Generation LED headlights will improve your driving experience and will also allow you to make an adjustment for optimal results.  Our 8th Gen headlights has the latest cutting-edge technology that LED has to offer.  They feature an adjustable chuck which allows you to change light distribution inside your headlamps housing.  This can help alter the overall light pattern, and even the light beam angle!  Not to mention, the removeable heat sink base that allows for a much easier fitment in limited housing space, and the huge raw lumen rating of 4,000 per lamp.  It is no wonder that our 8th Generation headlights are the one solution for headlamps so say goodbye to those dark spots, and wave hello to the friendly drivers that you use to blind and ask them, “I have my 8th Generation LED headlights, where are yours?”


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